What is Medium
is it worth it

written by Irene

What is Medium in a nutshell

Medium is a popular platform known for its clean and user friendly design, as well as its ability to connect writers with readers.

If you are looking for well-written and thought-provoking articles, Medium is a good source.


My experience with the platform so far

As a blogger I’m constantly looking for different ways to monetize my work. My ultimate goal is to rely fully on my online business for a living.

I ‘m also seeking opportunities to improve my writing and acquire all the necessary skills for my blog to thrive.

About a year ago I came across Medium. A platform that allows writers to share their articles and stories with a wide audience.

I must confess I was sceptical at the beginning.

I prefer to do extended research on any new platform or tool I discover, before I get too enthusiastic about it! This was exactly my approach with Medium. I signed up to their membership program for 5$ per month, which to be honest is a very low fee. Then Medium started sending me email with suggested content, based on my preferences when I signed up.

Subscribing to Medium’s paid membership gives you access to a wide range of exclusive content from some of the platform’s top writers. It uses algorithms to recommend articles that align with your interests, providing a more personalised reading experience.

If you are serious about exploring this platform, signing to their Membership Program is essential.

My main interests are about building online businesses, entrepreneurship, passive income and personal development. Medium suggests to me content on these topics, on a daily basis.


There are so many articles. What should I read?

My advice is never to click on ‘clickbait’ titles. ‘How to generate a 6 figure income in 30 days’ is an article I would avoid reading.

On the other hand I read the work of both popular writers with a big following and new ones, if I find value in their content. I have created a list of authors who inspire me.

Similar to YouTube’s ‘likes’, Medium gives you the option of ‘clapping’ on a post if you like it. This way you can show support to the author. You can comment and interact with the writer as well as other readers.


Is it worth it from a reader’s perspective?

The answer is ‘Yes it is’. You can find high value content on Medium. Much faster and easier than searching on Google or YouTube. Are there people who write in a robotic way and offer the same old generic ‘expert’ advise you can find anywhere online? Is there AI content, copied and pasted from ChatGPT? Unfortunately, that happens too. But hear me out.

It’s up to us to filter the tons of information we receive daily.


Tip: I usually read a couple of posts on medium every morning before starting working. I find this is the best hour for me and I try not to overdo it. Set yourself some limits, considering how much time you can read during the day to help you become better at your own writing.



Is Medium worth it from a writer’s perspective? 

Writing on Medium offers several benefits for writers, whether you are an aspiring author or a blogger like me. Here are some of the key advantages of writing on Medium.

  1. Ease if use. Medium provides a user friendly platform. It has a simple and intuitive editor. Writing and publishing couldn’t be easier. No technical skills required.
  2. Exposure. As I mentioned before, the platform’s algorithm recommends articles to users based on their interests and reading history. This way, the chances of your articles to be discovered by people who are genuinely interested in your niche, are very high.
  3. Built-in Audience. Medium has a large user base. This means your content can potentially reach a broad and diverse audience, compared to starting your own blog.
  4. Community Engagement. Medium fosters a sense of community and interaction. Users can ‘clap’ if they like an article, they can leave a comment and highlight their favourite passages. They often start conversations with the author or each other. This allows for valuable feedback around your work. Even criticism is well intended and polite most of the time.
  5. Writing on Medium can help you find other writers professionals or not in your niche and connect with them. You can build your network by following and engaging with like-minded individuals.
  6. Monetization Opportunities. Through the Medium Partner Program, you have the chance to earn money based on reader engagement with your articles. This can potentially provide an income stream. Your earnings are based on the amount of time the paying subscribers spend reading your content.
  7. Publication Options. There are lots of Publications on Medium, which are like online magazines with their own readership. Getting your work published in an established publication will increase your exposure to a wider audience.
  8. With that being said, if you are a beginner writer, Medium can serve as a professional portfolio where you can showcase your skills and expertise. If you work as a freelancer, you can meet potential clients or publishers.


To sum up

I am glad I found out about Medium. It has helped me grow as a writer in many ways. I have connected with other like minded people. I have expanded my pool of ideas for future posts. Plus it gives me a boost of self esteem and positivity when I doubt my writing skills.

In the near future I’m planning on publishing on Medium myself.

I will keep you updated on my journey there.

Have you tried Medium as a writer or reader? If so, how did you find the platform so far? Share in the comments below. 


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