How to create your own brand and make it successful

Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind.

Walter Londor

written by Irene

When it comes to branding, it doesn’t really matter whether you build a blog, start an Etsy shop, create YouTube videos, etc. The steps to creating a brand, apply pretty much to any online business you decide to create.

Your brand will be your business’s asset. The most valuable one.

Firstly, you have to fully understand what branding is and what it represents. Is it a logo? The fonts and colours you use on your website or your Etsy shop? Is it a certain style or is it a quote that you constantly use?

Basically, what a brand does, is make your business instantly recognisable to audience and customers (existing or new). It also makes your business stand out from the crowd of your competitors. This is exactly why -as I have already mentioned in another post – you must not get intimidated from the competition on the online world. It doesn’t matter how many people sell the same product as you. Many of these people don’t have a brand, thus potential customers won’t identify them amongst the hundreds of choices they have. Even if their product is amazing and of the highest quality, nobody is going to buy.


Now let’s move on and see what are the elements that actually build a brand. To name a few, the name, the logo, your website and/or shop and your social media are the key elements of your online brand.

Name : pick a name that is easy to remember. It isn’t necessary to choose just one word, but don’t make it too long. This name will be your websites name (domain name). If you are an Etsy shop owner, it’s best the name of your shop stays the same, otherwise your customers will get confused.

Logo : Whether you decide to create your logo by yourself, or have some professional create it for you, make sure it is clear and pleasing to the eye. It can be a symbol, or a combination of a symbol and a name. The colours and font you will use are very important. My advice, keep it simple. The most recognisable logos are the simplest ones. Just think of some famous brands and you will see what I mean.

Website and Shop : Since Social Media have become so massive the last few years – who could have imagined that even politicians would use them – many claim that a website isn’t at all necessary for a business to grow. In my opinion the absence of a website, won’t benefit your business to say the least. Customers will take you much more seriously if they can access a clean and easy to navigate website, where they can find all the information they are searching for, whether it is for you or your products. Facebook or Instagram cannot replace this. Every serious business owns a professional website.

Social Media : In addition to that, you need a presence on Social Media as well. To be honest, this is the least favourite way for me to promote my brand. However I try to keep up with at least one SM platform since I know how essential it is for promoting my business and building an audience. If you are at all like me, start small and see how it goes. Don’t get overwhelmed, trying to be present in all platforms. Just pick the one that seems to you less intimidating and start. Use your logo, your brand colours and you will be just find.

Search Engines : You have to pay attention to how you appear when people search for you online, via Google or Pinterest. If you are an Etsy shop owner, Pinterest is the place to be. Brand identity plays a huge role when it comes to this search engine. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the way you present your business on Pinterest, is as important as the way you present your shop. If not more. Maintaining specific colours, fonts and same style in photographs, is what will make your brand pop up. Pinterest is full of beautiful pictures and I know the quality standards are high. This is why you have to work hard and make sure your pins are unique.

Your style : As a blogger, you are not supposed to write in an academic manner. The way I used to write when attending University, is not the way I write my blog posts. Blogging is your way to communicate with your audience, share your knowledge, inform them about topics of your niche and products they might want to buy from you. Your posts can be fun! A good sense of humour can do miracles when building new relationships.

Design : Finally, when it comes to design, there are so many design elements that you can incorporate in your identity. Minimalistic or maximalistic, vintage or contemporary, fun or serious, bright or faded looking to name a few, are ways for a business owner to express his or herself. Decide what suits you best and incorporate that style in everything you do. Logo, website, Pinterest, shop, social media. Just be coherent.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a brand is all the above, but also it is the way you want your business to be viewed by the world. It is what will make you memorable and appealing. Brand is the feeling you want to get across your audience. If done right, it can make your business thrive in the internet world.

The moment people recognize your brand is the moment your business is established.