How to create mockups with Canva for your Etsy Shop



written by Irene

If you are trying to figure out how to set up your first Etsy Shop, you might find yourself looking at other peoples’ shops for inspiration and ideas.

Maybe you admire their professional product pictures and wonder how you can make pictures like that to display your products. ‘Should I hire a photographer to do the job? How much does it cost? What if I can’t afford another expense at this point?’


Before discussing about ‘mockups’, make sure you’ve completed these steps:

1. You have found your niche and know exactly what products you want to sell.

2. You have created at least 5 products for your store (digital or physical).

3. You are very clear about who your potential customer

Creating a mockup is an important step when you are preparing to open your shop. A mockup can be either a photo or a video. It will show your customer how they can use the product you sell. For digital printables, a mockup can be a picture of your art design, framed and placed on a wall of a room, like is shown above.

Wall Art Mockup

The are numerous ways to either create a mockup from scratch, or purchase one, then add your product and make necessary changes.

For me, the most fun and easy way to create my mockups is Canva.

Canva offers the ability to create mockups, either by using Canva elements or by uploading a mockup you have purchased from a store like Creative Market.

After uploading on Canva, you can add your product, adjust and download as a png ready to upload on your Esty Shop.

Creative Market offers a wide collection of mockups. You can buy a single one or a set of mockups. They even offer bundles for very good prices. Keep in mind that one picture you buy, you can use over and over again for various products or Etsy Shops!

Before buying form Creative Market or any other store, you should make sure you:

1. read the description and make sure the product you buy can be used in Canva. Many mockups are ONLY in psd format, the native file format of Photoshop. If you are an avid Photoshop user, then you can work on your mockup with Photoshop.

If you prefer the much easier design tool Canva for designing, then you have to make sure the files you download are compatible with Canva.

2. buy the commercial license, that allows you to use the pictures for commercial reasons with no extra cost.

If after you read the description, you are still not sure about that, send a message to the seller and ask them directly. Usually they respond back.

Because of the many choices you have in Creative Market, you might find your self, scrolling amongst designs for days and not being able to decide what is best for your shop. Don’t overthink it. You have so much work to do to optimize your shop.

Find what you feel aligns with your brand’s aesthetics, read the description thoroughly, read the reviews (if there are any) and click the purchase button (remember, always commercial license)!


Creative Market

A great tool you might have heard of that you can use in Canva, is the ‘Smart Mockupsintegration.

It is an ideal tool for anyone promoting digital assets. You can use the premade templates with frames, or smartphone/tablet/computer frames. If your design appears on a t-shirt, a mug or a book, it can help as well.

Canva offers a small selection of their mockup template library. For those who have a SmartMokup account, you can connect your Canva account and it will allow you to transfer your designs from Canva to Smatrmockups!


Smart Mockups

Creative Market is my favourite place to purchase beautiful pictures, but there are so many other sites you can download high resolution pictures from. To mention a couple, Unsplash and Freepik are great options and they are free!

Other mockup generators I’ve tried, are Placeit, Renerforest and Mockuper.

The most popular choice is Placeit. They offer an incredible amount of templates for t-shirt designs, packaging, labelling, books and so much more. All you have to do is pick a template you like, upload your design, make any changes you want such as size or position and download.

There are many free templates for those of you with a tight budget. If you have the extra cash, a monthly subscription offers unlimited downloads.

Another online design tool which offers its own mockup generator is Renderforest. You choose the template of your preference, add your design, and download. Their free plan comes with a watermark, but you can subscribe monthly and get access to unlimited downloads.

If you are looking for a completely free mockup generator, Mockuper is a great solution. It’s easy to use and offers many customization options.

And since we are Etsy sellers, why not supporting Etsy community and buy our mockups from Etsy!

As you can see, you don’t have to know Photoshop or hire a designer to create your mockups. You can do it yourself with little to no cost.

Apart from your Etsy listings, you can use your mockup designs on your website, on pinterest, on your social media platforms, or even for advertisement.

For me, creating mockups with the help of Canva is by far the best way to produce captivating images that compliment my products and attract people to click on my shop. I am a Canva and Creative Market lover after all.

I hope the above guide will help you choose the right tool for your Etsy business. Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful picture.

Decide what kind of mockups you are looking for, consider your budget and start designing.

How to create mockups with Canva