How to boost your Pinterest views with Idea Pins

written by Irene


Without further ado, lets start.

What are Idea pins?

Idea Pins are an evolution of Story Pins. A way for creators to showcase high quality savable content on Pinterest. They are a series of images or videos you can tap through. Very similar to Instagram stories but with the difference they are not deleted after 24 hrs. They last. People can see them a year from now.

You can save them on your boards just like any other pin. An idea pin works the same way as a regular pin.

Once you’ve published at least one idea pin, it will show up on your profile on the top of ‘Created’ Tab along with all your Idea Pins.

They are seriously promoted on Pinterest and they are promoted like crazy!

Let me give you a quick overview of Idea Pins.


Why you should create Idea Pins

Let’s be honest. It takes a lot of time to create Idea Pins. It’s not like flipping an image on Pinterest or using a quick template and create multiple pins by changing the title, fonts or colours in Canva. They definitely require more work.

6 massive reasons to create Idea Pins

  1. Exposure
  2. Higher engagement
  3. They help grow a community
  4. You can monetize them
  5. They don’t disappear

” The more your audience engages with your content, the more it will be seen by others looking for ideas similar to yours “



1. Exposure

Pinterest is giving priority to Idea Pins. If you want more exposure on Pinterest, it’s the way to go. They have introduced a brand new feed next o Home feed ‘Watch’, where people can find only Idea Pins.

On a regular feed you are competing with hundreds of thousands of other pins as it’s been around for so long. This new feed has less competition. It’s a massive opportunity for you to stand out.

Example of an Idea Pin: ‘How I organize my Canva so it’s not a huge mess.’

If you type in something (a keyword) and Pinterest thinks it is relevant, it will show you the Idea Pin.


2. Higher engagement

I strongly believe Idea Pins are here to stay. They can be a crucial part of your Pinterest marketing strategy, to grow your account in the future. They are pure gold for your engagement. Anything from likes and comments to shaving and sharing them. Engagement is one of the indicators of the Pinterest algorithm. The better your engagement on your is, the more Pinterest will distribute them to more and more people.

Pinterest say that they’ve seen 9 times the average comment rate on Idea Pins. This is huge. By the way, a very popular Pinterest scheduler tool, Tailwind, also found that Idea Pins average 4 times the saves of standard pins. 


3. They help grow a community

Now, followers on Pinterest did not use to matter a lot but recently this has changed. Pinterest followers do matter. Whenever you share something on Pinterest, it is shown to your followers first. Then, the algorithm looks at how your audience reacts and engages with that content If it resonates with them, Pinterest will show it to more followers but also people who aren’t following you yet.

The right kind of follower is the one who actually cares about your content”.

Idea Pins can be the bridge between you and your community..

Idea Pins give anyone who has something to teach, share or say, the ability to do so with a community of pinners who are looking for similar content. They drive interactions, encourage follows and saves and support comments and responses. At the end of each Idea Pin, Pinterest encourages the viewer to follow the pin creator with a big button.




4. You can monetize them

Pinterest has announced that you’re now able to monetize your Idea Pins using tags and affiliate links including amazon.

So an example of monetization is when you tag products in Idea Pins that you recommend from your online store or you share a relevant affiliate product. Your audience can click over and purchase that product.

Pinterest says they want to find the best way for creators to monetize their work in a meaningful and scalable way, while reaching the audiences that are most significant to them. I think this is a super exciting development.



5. They don’t disappear

Idea Pins don’t disappear after 24 hrs like Instagram stories. It’ s a lot of work to create this type of content. Your Idea Pins can stay relevant to your audience even after a month. It would be a huge waste of time and energy if they disappeared after a certain amount of time. They can show up on a search and be saved on a board.


To summarize

I know it can be scary and challenging to learn how to use a new feature like that. But I promise you can do it. Simply take one step at a time and you’ll see that the second time you’ ll create an Idea Pin it will be so much easier.

Just give it a shot and try it out.