Etsy Seasonal Sales

How to make the most of it

written by Irene

Having entered the last quarter of the year, it is high time you should start preparing your selling strategy for the holiday season.

No, it’s never too early to plan ahead.

It is no secret the Christmas holiday season tends to be the most profitable time of the year for most small home-based businesses.

Take advantage of all the enthusiasm people tend to have during this season and focus on promotional opportunities to increase seasonal sales.


Why are seasonal sales so important

During holiday season you can easily build momentum for your shop, so that any new customer can become a future loyal customer.

Consumers are both ecstatic and overwhelmed with tasks they have to fulfill during this time. Shopping gifts, organizing a festive party, preparing for a family dinner and other errands can really add up and make anyone feel there isn’t enough time to do it all.

This is were you as a shop owner, comes handy and offers them the solution they are looking for. No driving to shopping malls, no queuing. They can shop all the gifts they need form the comfort of their couch. From your shop.

How to organize a seasonal promotion

Whether you sell in a seasonal market or not, your main goal for the holiday season is to stand out from the competition. For doing so, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Keep in mind that seasonal trends exist for a reason. If it’s Halloween and everyone offers pumpkin related products, just follow along and do the same. This is what people want and therefore are willing to pay for.

When you should start holiday promotions

Is it enough to promote your seasonal offers once? Certainly not. With all the fuss of the holidays, starting promoting early is necessary. You want to get in front of your customers a lot.

People are ecstatic to make the most of the season. But they are also constantly bombarded with new products, e mails and ads. Inevitably, they will get easily distracted. To break through the crowd don’t be afraid to remind them what you sell. Make sure your products are of high quality and the prices irresistible.

Starting a holiday campaign 60 to 90 days before the actual holiday, will give you an advantage over competition.

What marketing strategies to use

Holidays is the perfect time for escapism. Holiday shopping is not just about buying gifts for loved ones because you have to. It is also a way to forget for a few moments, everyday troubles and even treat yourself with a luxurious item you wouldn’t purchase any other time of the year.

Don’t know if it’s true, but they say 70% of purchasing decisions are, made in store. To get your customers inside your ‘digital store’, add a pinch of magic to your shop and your products.

Change your shop’s banner or your thumbnail and make your customers feel the festive spirit. That alone can attract more attention to your listings. After a potential customer clicks on one of your products, they are more likely to take a look at matching items or bundles of products you might offer.

After all you should treat your online shop like any other physical shop. Doesn’t everyone decorate their store fronts for the holidays? So should you.

Start a sales campaign. Pay for a couple of ads even if you are not a big ads fun. If you own a Pinterest business account (read more about Pinterest here) create a few extra pins and try to pin more during this season.

If you have an email list (which I highly recommend you do) send more emails than usual and offer your products at a lower price or promote new ones. With that being said, developing holiday – inspired products doesn’t have to apply just on Christmas or Easter! Depending on where you are situated but mainly on where the larger portion of your buyers lives, take advantage of other festive seasons too. Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s day are some of the most popular ones but there so many others!

Get more active on social media. Run a facebook ad campaign. Post on Instagram more often.

If you own a blog, write some posts related to the holiday season in advance and upload them two to three weeks before the holidays.

Another way to make some extra profit during a special holiday is by offering bundles of your products.

Let’s say you sell children’s educational and wall art printables. Make a bundle and offer them 10-15 products together with the same theme or colour palette. It can make all the difference to a customer who is looking for various gifts and finds them all in a one-stop-shop. You save them time and you increase your shop’s sales. It’s a win-win.

Avoid the holiday trend if you feel it doesn’t suit your shop

With all the above being said, you don’t want to neither overdo it with promotions nor apply the holiday spirit to all your shops and products.

If you sell handmade floral summer dresses, there is really no way you can promote that product during Christmas. Think rationally and ignore all the fuss.

On the other hand, you don’t want to send too many e mails to potential customers, since it can irritate them. Yes, they need to see your products often but not too often. That could even lead some of them to unsubscribe from your email list. And we all know how important the email list is for our businesses.

To summarize

Holidays can make a difference to your shop and provide you with that financial safety net you are seeking through the more quiet times of the year.

It’s a great way to grow your email list, your blog audience, your pinterest and social media following. All that will help you increase your income not only during the holiday season but most importantly after it’s over.

It’s time to make use of the holiday spirit approaching and apply what we talked about today.