About me

Hello! I'm Irene, a blogger and Etsy shop owner. I am here to help you start and grow your online business!

A couple of years ago, I decided to leave behind my engineering job and use my knowledge and technical skills to create an online business! Never have I felt more excited and scared at the same time!

Since then, I constantly work on my business, set new goals and plan for the future. 

My engineering background, has helped me a lot when it comes to the techy stuff, but the truth is when I took the leap to the online world, all felt new and scary. Most of the skills needed (building websites, new software, SEO and so much more), I had to teach myself. I know first hand how overwhelming it is to organize and prioritize all the little -or not so little- tasks you have to do to get your business up and running.

That is why in this blog, I am sharing with you all the knowledge I have gained the last couple of years. 

Having my own business is what suits my lifestyle best and is the path that gets me closer to my financial goals each day.

Above all, stay focused in your business goals, even when no one understands or believes what you do! I’m here to help you become the best online business owner you can be!


What I Do

This blog is for anyone who wants to set up an online business mainly focused on Blogging and Etsy, since this is my personal journey! I also write about time management for busy moms, making money from home and having fun in the process! I have found the work – family balance I was looking for. So can you.


Always enjoyed writing! Blogging can be a powerful tool for an Etsy business owner. Think about it as a display window of your online shop! The content and the aesthetics of your blog declare who you are and what kind of products you sell. It is extremely important to talk to your audience.
Some people prefer other mediums such as Instagram or Facebook to communicate their work and personality. Others feel more comfortable in front of the camera and become youtubers. For me writing is the medium that suits me best at the moment and I believe I will stick to it for a long period of time!
It can boost your traffic and be a business on its own!
Combining an Etsy Shop and a blog makes sense to me, so if you feel the same, follow me here! My posts are all about marketing strategies, SEO tips, software, sales funnels, passive income streams just to name a few. As my business will evolve, so will this blog!

Etsy Shop

If you intend to open an Etsy -or any other platform - e shop, preferably selling digital products, this blog will navigate you through all the steps you will need to take from day one to the day you start gaining income.
Do you plan doing this as a side hustle or as a fool time job? The steps are always the same. Just a few years ago I had no idea what an entrepreneur actually does or what passive income meant. But after constant research and a lot of work, I have come to realise entrepreneurship can be a fantastic way to support financially yourself and your family while creating something of your own that no one can take away from you even in financially unstable times.

Future Plans

I try to take one step at a time during building my online business. Thinking too much about the future and the uncertainty that inevitably comes with it, can bring you down.
On the other hand, every business owner must have a long term plan. It doesn't have to stay the same. It can -and certainly will- change over time, as you become more self-aware of how the online world works. We educate ourselves, we try different things, we succeed, we evolve, we fail and this is the reality of an online business owner.
The journey is full of potential. Every goal you achieve, will give you the confidence to set the next one. It's an ongoing process.
Even if you have a million ideas about your business, try not to get overwhelmed! Each day focus on one thing and carry through with it.

What this blog is about

Now that you’ve opened your Etsy Shop, the real work begins. Work on SEO, build your brand and start making sales.

Learn about how to overcome fear of failing, stop caring about what others think, stop comparing and finally enjoy the journey!


What is a business brand? Is it a logo, the fonts and colours of your website, or is it something more?

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