6 Top Pinterest Tips for Etsy Sellers



written by Irene

Thinking Pinterest is just for hobbies and fun? Think again. Don’t let this awesome Marketing Tool out of your Marketing Strategy.

If you are a Beginner with Pinterest, please read first this post to set up your Pinterest Business Account and create your First Pins!

So you don’t feel familiar enough with Pinterest?

You’ve tried it for your Business and failed in the past?

Along with other social media platforms, it seems too much to handle?

You doubt a free marketing tool accessible to anyone can have a real impact on your business?

It’ s time you took Pinterest seriously and focus on these 6 Tips to spend your time wisely and bring visitors to your Etsy Business or Blog.

As an Online Business owner, I’m sure you all know Pinterest. Some of you might use it for personal inspiration and some for business purposes.

If you haven’t encompassed Pinterest in your Marketing Tools Library yet, you should definitely do. Don’ t underestimate this  amazing Free tool. If your goal is to become an authority in your niche, promote your products and increase traffic to your shop, Pinterest is the way to go.

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TIP no 1 : Pin fresh content | No repins

Focus on creating new pins, with images and text you haven’t used before. Try to create a couple of new pins every single day. I create all my pins on Canva which is super easy and stress relieving.

You can create new pins from scratch or modify your old pins. Play around with colours, elements and fonts as long as you don’t copy and paste your old pins. Your links to your products, posts, videos, etc. can be the same, but the design of the pin has to be unique.

You can do this even  during evening hours when you feel most tired, since it doesn’t require much mental effort.

If you have a habit of constantly repining your old pins, you shouldn’t. A few years ago, you could create a pin, repin it to as many boards as you wanted and it just kept on delivering results. This is an outdated strategy and is not the case going forward any more. Only repin your top performers, the pins that are really working for you, to a small number of highly related Boards.

Keep in mind that Pinterest’s Algorithm wants the best high quality content for its users.

TIP no 2 : Work on Pinterest SEO

SEO couldn’t be absent from your Pinterest Strategy. A common mistake many Sellers do, is thinking SEO works in the same way for various Platforms. Etsy SEO and Pinterest SEO are two different things. Keywords that work for your Esty Shop are not always the same that will work for your Pinterest account. Every algorithm is different. Take the time to do proper research for Pinterest before applying to your Business Account.

Finally go through Pinterest Analytics at least once a month, to understand your audience and revaluate your SEO strategy.

TIP no 3 : Create Idea Pins

Idea Pins can’t be clicked yet. This means they can’t generate direct traffic to your store. So why even bother, you ask.

Well I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of time on Idea Pins, but I do suggest you at least try them.

First of all, they get a lot of impressions and engagement and the algorithm seems to be favouring them. Also remember that your target people are potential buyers, and as such your main goal is to catch their eye. If you decide to give it a try, always keep the buyer in your mind. Lastly, Pinterest constantly tries new things, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it adds a URL to Idea Pins in the near future. That would totally change the dynamics of idea pins.  

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TIP no 4 : Don’t underestimate Trends 

Pinterest Trends is a free easy to use tool that can help you discover what’s popular on Pinterest over a certain period of time, based on seasons, interests and demographics.

Find out which are the most popular keywords in your niche and use them to expand your audience and increase your pin views, clicks and conversion rate. Since I love planning, I create a Content Calendar at the start of every Year based on trends. In this way, I can time my pins for maximum success. Timing is very important when it comes to this platform. People often go to Pinterest when they are planning something, so they go early. This means you need to know when a trend is hitting and then plan to pin for that trend even earlier. The new trends Dashboard on Pinterest is amazing. Be sure to use it.

Tip no 5: Don’t focus on Group Boards | Use Tailwind instead

Getting involved in as many group boards as you can, is old advice will not do much for your business account. Pinterest doesn’t reward the use of Group Boards (GB) like they used to, as a way to get more exposure.

They started GB to make it possible for pinners to collaborate with each other. I wouldn’t dismiss them completely, because it can give you access to a wider audience, but it’s no a must do task.

Especially of you are new to Pinterest, don’t waste your time looking for GB. It can be very time consuming. You can spend that time create new pins for your boards.

Hand in hand with the above, comes Tailwind the only scheduler approved by Pinterest, that allows you to schedule your content in minutes. You can use the free version of Tailwind to join Tailwind Communities and display your pins to people interested in your niche. Being a member of a Tailwind Community can assure you that your content will be seen, shared and engaged by the right people.

Tip no 6: Be consistent

Like on Social Media, consistency is the main ingredient to success. Once you are comfortable with the platform, create a few pins every day and schedule them during for the week coming.  Don’t pin 20 pins one day and then nothing for a month.

Finally most important than how often you post, is the relevance of your pins. High quality content will attract more views and engagement.

To sum up:

When building your Pinterest strategy, try to be knowledgeable about the stages a buyer goes through and how to appeal to each stage with your pins.

Many people will be just looking for ideas and inspiration but they are nowhere near ready to purchase anything. Others may be getting more serious about their planned purchase and are looking for different product options. And some may be at the final stage, when they are actually making their buying decision. 

For each group of these people you have to create different kinds of pins, with various formats and designs.

Your main goal when creating content on Pinterest is to get engagement, meaning saves, outbound clicks and pin clicks. Yes impressions matter but don’t get obsessed over them. Your impressions will organically keep increasing over time, as long as your engagement is high for the pins you create. For beginners, remember that impressions will be low as you start, but if you follow the tips we talked about, they’re going to snowball into higher numbers.

That’s the power of Pinterest. That’s why some of your pins are going to bring visits to your Etsy Shop for months to come.

Download the 6 Top Pinterest Tips FREE Guide for Etsy Sellers to be productive while working from home.