4 Tips on How to build confidence while building your Etsy Business

Fear of failing is the only real obstacle that can keep you away from reaching your goals.

written by Irene

My dear reader, instead of letting fear for the online world holding you back, just take the leap and see where it takes you. I know it’s easier said than done. But think for a moment: what is it that we are actually afraid of? In most cases the answer is : “We are afraid of failure”. So fear of failing is what we should focus on overcoming.


Tip # 1 : Overcome fear of failing

Each one of us has a different personality. Each one of us comes from a different professional and personal background. However, we all have something in common. We strive for one thing and that is success, not failure. And that is ok, but in order to be successful we must try new things with uncertain results. Nothing in the online business world – nor anywhere else as a matter of fact – is guaranteed success. The sooner you realise that, the better. So, try, make mistakes, learn from them and try again with a different approach. The knowledge you will gain through your experience is invaluable.

Some of you might be making your first attempt as entrepreneurs and some might have already tried without any success. Maybe you have taken the bold decision to sacrifice the stability of a monthly pay check for no guarantee results of a digital business.

It’s natural you are facing the fear of failure. Nevertheless you have to remember, without risk you can’t grow a business. You won’t always be able to figure things out, without trying and failing. Even if your first attempt fails, that doesn’t define who you are.

All successful entrepreneurs have failed, but that didn’t stop them. As a matter of fact, I do not even like the use of word ‘failure’. Look at it more as a ‘learning curve’ with inevitable ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. Ultimately, every inconvenience in your business is a learning opportunity.

Tip # 2 : Don’t bother too much with what other people think

Don’t pay much attention to other people’s opinions on your business – or even your personality! We all have busy lives. I honestly don’t think people will spend much time criticizing your work! And if some of them do, then they are probably dealing with self-esteem issues, which is none of your concern. Of course well meant critique, must be taken under consideration and can be used as a valuable tool for us to become better. However, don’t make decisions based solely on what other people approve or not approve. It will get you nowhere.

We live in a society where more and more people see themselves through the image they build on social media platforms. They try to gain self-respect through the number of followers and likes they get.

They usually act as chameleons, changing beleifs according to what others approve or not. Disappointing, right? Well it’s the sad truth. If you recognise yourself amongst these people, it’s time for you to set a new mindset.

Honestly, do you want to be a part of this as an entrepreneur? What can make you stand out from the competition is your ability to block the noise and random opinions of people around you.

Successful people have clear principles which they follow no matter what. They pursue their goals by pushing them selves. They are willing to learn. They also embrace failure, as mentioned previously, instead of dread it.

It is part of human condition to seek approval and have a sense of fitting in. When exposed to criticism, isolate the well meant feedback, from a handful of people you have respect for.

When someone makes a spiteful comment about your business, before you let it hurt your self-esteem pause for a moment and think ‘is this person someone you admire? Someone you would trade places with? If not, then why bother? Accept constructive criticism that encourages you to become better.

Tip #3 : Stop comparing!

When starting a business, you dream of the day it will become profitable. After all, it’s not a hobby, it’s work. But it is not realistic to compare your business with someone else’s in your niche, when you are just starting whereas the other person’s business has been around for a long period of time.

We don’t always act according to common sense. Many of our decisions are dictated by our emotions. When you get sentimental with your business, is when you are in danger of taking the wrong path.

It can be useful for an entrepreneur to look up to accomplished digital business owners. These people often offer tips and advice for free or via online courses. Seeking for knowledge and motivation is usually beneficial. What can hurt your business goals and your ego as well, is constant comparison with entrepreneurs who make huge amounts of revenue and large groups of loyal followers and customers. There are people who seem to appear daily in every social media platform. Or others who manage successfully multiple digital businesses. They may appear as great writers on their blogging site and find the time to write guest posts for other people. Or they might own e-shops while launching their third online course. To keep things in perspective, when you come across these kind of entrepreneurs, apart from admiring their work, keep in mind two things : First, their success did not occur overnight. There has been day one for them too, when nobody knew they existed and success was far from guaranteed. Second, now that they have reached their business goals and expand what they have so far built, it’s highly unlikely they run their business all by themselves. If you are on your own don’t compare your self with people who have teams working for them and managing various tasks.

From personal experience, I can assure you that people who have helped me are not big names in my niche. I can relate far more easily with hard working entrepreneurs who face struggles and talk about them openly, than ‘experts’ who constantly try to sell you their books and courses, which are supposed to solve all of your problems.

Start small with realistic goals for now. After you have achieved those, set new ones. You will wake up one day and looking back you will be surprised by how much have gained and how different your business is now, compared too a few months or years ago. The only comparison you should allow yourself to make is with your past state and nobody else.

Tip #4 : Enjoy it

Remember why you wanted to become an entrepreneur in the first place? Why you picked the niche you did? What is it that fulfils you as an online business owner? Is it only the financial freedom you aspire to? I’m sure that is a very – if not the most – important goal you’ve set. But the truth is, your audience and/or customers will not relate to that. They will follow you, read your posts or buy from your shop, because they admire your work or your personality or both! Positivity is contagious and it will spread to your readers / customers before you know it. Stay focused on your business plan and work hard, but not as a robot. Imperfection is what makes us unique and usually it is what people around us are looking for.

Owning a business gives you a sense of freedom. The process of starting at point A and getting to point B, is self-fulfilling.

Basic virtues for business owners are hard work, resilience and the ‘go get it’ attitude. It is also the ability to start over after each obstacle you come across. The empowering feeling of being the boss of your self. The creativity you didn’t know existed in you. The challenges you face, that keep you humble.

I am sure at your starting point you are full of enthusiasm and energy. Maintain this attitude through your journey and you will never feel as if the long hours you are investing now are a waste of your time.

Have fun with it. After all, your work should be something you look forward to, not a daunting task you are obliged to do.