10 Etsy Tips
for New Etsy Sellers



written by Irene

Standing out in Etsy can be challenging due to the platform’s vast market place.

In this post I’m sharing my experience as an Etsy Seller to help beginners focus on what matters and spend their time wisely.

Standing out in Etsy can be challenging due to the platform’s vast market place. 

Having high quality products, good customer service and SEO basics are essential for your shop. However they are not enough, especially if your niche is highly competitive.

With some strategic efforts, you can differentiate your shop and attract new customers. 

I’ve collected 10 key points I believe every Esty Seller should pay attention to, to stand out from the competition:

10 Etsy Tips

Tip # 1 : Niche down

Avoid oversaturated niches. Consider specializing in a particular niche. You can become an expert in that area and attract a more targeted audience, with higher chances to buy your products. The competition will be lower and if your products are good enough you can build your small brand out there.

Tip # 2 : Compelling Branding

Speaking of brands, Etsy might not be the ideal platform to build a brand, but you can still have a memorable shop. Pay attention to the aesthetics of your banner, logo, packaging. Create a cohesive look. When promoting your shop outside Etsy via Social Media or Pinterest, keep the aesthetics similar to your shop. People will come to recognise you.

Tip # 3 : Professional Photography

Invest in exceptional photography for your products. Clear and well-lit images can make a significant difference for your shop. When potential customers are looking for something specific, they compare similar products based on the photos. If yours is better than the competition you might gain a new customer.

Tip # 4 : Pricing Strategy

Offering competitive pricing is unavoidable when you sell in such a vast marketplace. Unfortunately lots of sellers under-price their products, which is a huge bummer for everyone. When pricing, consider factors such as the cost of materials, software you use if you sell digital products, as well as the amount of time you spend producing them. Also calculate the Etsy fees and shipping cost if there is any. If you are left with pennies, reconsider your prices, otherwise it’s not worth it.

Tip # 5: Customer Relationship means Customer Reviews

The way to garner positive reviews is by providing excellent customer service. Positive feedback can boost your shop’s reputation way more than paid advertising or promoting your shop outside the Etsy platform. Ask politely from your customers to leave a review if they are satisfied with your products. 

10 Etsy Tips

Tip # 6: Offer variety and customization options

Customers might have different needs. By customization you can cater to a broader audience. People who prefer to buy on Etsy, are more likely to look for something personalized than buyers on other more massive platforms. 

Tip # 7: Update your listings

Update your listings regularly. Add new items to keep your shop fresh and engaging. Seasonal products can be especially lucrative for your business. Follow trends if you feel they are relatable to your audience. Let Etsy’s algorithm know you are an active seller.

Tip # 8: Be part of the Etsy Community

Participate in Etsy’s teams and forums. You can meet other sellers and even potential customers. You can study your competitors’ strategies. Finally building relationships within the Etsy community can be extremely helpful when you deal with a difficulty. It’s very important for a positive mindset to talk to people that work in the same field as you.

Tip # 9: Shop policies

Be transparent about your shop’s policies. This includes shipping times, return policies and any other relevant information. Clear communication will build trust with your customers.

Tip # 10: Track your progress

Use Etsy Analytics to monitor the performance of your shop from day one. Adjust your strategies based on what works best and what doesn’t. Statistics can be your ally in growing your Etsy business.


Etsy is not a passive income source as is often said. It takes hard work and some time to establish your presence and grow your customer base. Be open to refining your strategies as you gain more experience on the platform. 

It will take time and effort, but in the long run it is worth it.